Westhill KTM

Westhill KTM is the authorized dealer for KTM and KAWASAKI for the entire Malabar region. Westhill KTM is part of the KVR Group of Companies.

KVR Group is considered as one of the trusted business houses in the Malabar Region of Kerala and as one of the leading Automobile Dealers in India.

In the year 2012 Bajaj Auto Ltd awarded the dealership for KTM and KAWASAKI in Malabar Region,to Mr.K.P.Nair,Chairman of KVR Group of Companies based on his business and financial credentials.

WestHill KTM authorized dealer of KTM and KAWASAKI Bikes in Malabar Region ,which provides Sales and Service of KTM and   KAWASAKI and its GenuineParts. Besides,it also provides services like Insurance Renewal,arrangement of Vehicle Finance through Bajaj Finance, Indusind Bank, HDFC Bank, Sriram Finance, Muthoot Finance, etc.Westhill kTM, head office is located at KVR Building,Kannur Road,Westhill calicut which is approximately 5KM away from Calicut Town.

With the support of valuable and detailed work force at various levels the reputation of the company has reached to its zenith. Inspiration like stance for reliability and loyalty to the customer put together has succeeded in setting a network standard that has been the bench mark for KVR amongst all auto mobile dealerships.


KVR Group has constantly strived hard to improve its offerings and service to its valued customers, by creating a new benchmark for itself. Our values of respect, firmness and involvement in what we do, remain constant. These values recognized and embraced by our customers as well and have played major role in our success so far. We pledge before you that we will maintain these values in all the business activities that we indulge in, to satisfy our valued customers. The only goal we have before us is to build a better tomorrow, so let us just do it, to achieve it.

Our MD Believes that the Reason for the Remarkable Success is the Hard Work and Excellent Team Work of his dedicated professionals and above all our Prime Object is to Provide 100% Customer Satisfaction.

We never stop learning about the customer. We make all effort to understand customers better and better. WE HAVE BEEN HAPPY KEEPING NORTH KERALA MOVING SINCE 1997.